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Schistosomiasis Resource Center Reagents

The Schistosomiasis Resource Center was established by Biomedical Research Institute, Rockville, Maryland in 1995. For a comprehensive list of schistosomiasis-related reagents available from the SRC, write to Margaret Mentink-Kane, Ph.D.


  • Unexposed (naïve) Biomphalaria glabrata (NMRI, M-line and BS-90 strains)
  • Unexposed (naïve) Bulinus truncatus truncatus (Egyptian strain)
  • Unexposed (naïve) Oncomelania hupensis hupensis (Chinese strain)
  • Unexposed (naïve) Oncomelania hupensis quadrasi (Philippine strain)
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  • S. haematobium (Egyptian)-exposed Bulinus truncatus truncatus
  • S. haematobium (Egyptian)-exposed LVG Golden Syrian hamsters
  • S. japonicum (Philippine)–exposed Oncomelania hupensis quadrasi
  • S. japonicum (Chinese)– exposed Oncomelania hupensis subsp.
  • S. japonicum (Philippine or Chinese strain)–exposed Swiss Webster mice
  • S. mansoni (NMRI) –exposed B.glabrata
  • S. mansoni (NMRI) -exposed Swiss Webster mice
  • S. mansoni (NMRI) –exposed LVG Golden Syrian hamsters
  • S. mansoni (PR-1) –exposed B.glabrata
  • S. mansoni (PR-1) -exposed Swiss Webster mice
  • S. mansoni (PR-1) –exposed LVG Golden Syrian hamsters


  • B. glabrata embryonic cells (Bge)

Schistosomiasis Reagents

In addition to fostering the development of schistosomiasis research, the SRC offers technical assistance to other laboratories on snail propagation and maintenance, parasite collection and animal infection protocols.

To order reagents from the Schistosomiasis Resource Center, please contact the SRC at,