The Schistosomiasis Resource Center at the Biomedical Research Institute (BRI) is a unique schistosomiasis research supply laboratory funded by the NIAID at the National Institutes of Health.

Any academic, government, or commercial laboratory that is involved in schistosomiasis research and/or teaching. Simply visit to register to receive molecular reagents, snails and/or infected rodents from the Schistosomiasis Resource Center (SRC). Materials from the SRC are provided at no cost to registered investigators (additional shipping and handling charges may apply).

You are not required to have an NIH-funded research program to obtain these materials. Investigators new to the schistosomiasis field are especially encouraged to make use of resources from the SRC.

Once your registration at BEI Resources is complete, BEI Resources will send the SRC your request. Depending on the species and life-cycle stage you are interested in, the SRC may ship the material 3-4 weeks after receiving the request. Contact Margaret Mentink-Kane, PhD ( for an estimate of the time frame for the particular species requested.

Yes, please visit and search for over 200 unique products available free of charge (shipping fees may apply).

Investigators that have registered at can receive snails that have been exposed to Schistosoma miracidia.  The snails are shipped 4-5 days post-exposure and are therefore in the pre-patent phase (not shedding cercariae). For obtaining snails exposed to Schistosoma however, we usually recommend consulting personnel in your institution’s Occupational Safety and Health office for clearance to receive and maintain the snails. Protocols for maintaining the snails may be required by the Safety Officer of your institution. We can assist you by providing the protocols to meet the requirements of your institution. International shipping from the SRC usually requires import permits that are Institution specific.  BEI and the SRC can assist you in determining the import documentation required for international shipments.

The snails are shipped in plastic petri dishes that contain moist Kimwipes. The petri dishes are wrapped in absorbent shipping paper and shipped in small, sturdy cardboard boxes.

Mice and hamsters are shipped in cardboard animal shipping crates (Charles River Laboratories) with sufficient food and hydration ( HydroGel®). Prior to receiving the rodents, the SRC will provide your animal facility with health reports from our quarterly sentinel animal program.