Biomedical Research Institute

Schistosomiasis Resource Center

The SRC offers infected mammals, intermediate hosts, Bge cells, molecular reagents and other materials free of charge.

Distribution of schistosomes and their intermediate hosts is from the Biomedical Research Institute in Rockville, Maryland. Molecular reagents are distributed directly from BEI Resources in Manassas, Virginia. Available life cycle stages and molecular reagents can also be viewed through the BEI Resources online catalog:  Schistosoma reagents_BEI catalog 

Investigators interested in receiving reagents from the SRC should contact Margaret Mentink-Kane.

Schistosomiasis Resource Center

schistosoma larva

Margaret Mentink-Kane, PhD
Principal Investigator
Phone: 301-329-0412

Gabrielle Bate
Laboratory Operations Coordinator
Phone: 301-329-0215