Non-invasive DNA transfection of B. glabrata using polyethylenimine (PEI)

– Ampicillin (Amp)
– 0.2 mg/ml of plasmid DNA (pDNA)
– PEI transfection reagent
– Sterile distilled water

Day 1: Treat snail(s) with 100 mg/ml Amp in distilled water (DW) overnight
Day 2: DNA/PEI complex preparation (N/P ratio* = 6) transfection (Knight et al., 2011)

  • Dilute one microgram of plasmid DNA in 0.5 ml of nuclease free water and vortex briefly. Keep the tube at room temperature (RT)
  • Dilute 0.78 ml** of PEI solution in 0.5 ml of nuclease free water and vortex briefly
  • Add diluted PEI solution in to pDNA solution slowly and vortex. Let the complex forming at RT for 15 min
  • Transfection: transfer the clean-dry snail from day 1 into the DNA/PEI complex mixture and let it culture for at least 24 hours
  • Monitor the successful of transfection by several assay e.g. PCR with specific primer to the plasmid DNA or your gene of interest.

Note: This protocol is for 1 snail transfection (1 snail per 1 ml final DNA/PEI mixture).

* N/P ratio is a measure of the ionic balance within the complexes and is defined as the number of nitrogen residues of PEI per nucleic acid phosphate. For the parasite transfection, the suggested N/P ratio is between 8-11 (Liang S. Knight M and Jolly, 2013, Liang et al., 2014).

** This volume would be changed according to the various N/P ratios

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