Collecting Schistosoma japonicum eggs from mouse tissues


Authors Yung-san Liang, Mei-Shei Su, and Laksiri Karunaratne



The procedure for collection of S. japonicum eggs from mouse tissues is essentially the same as that used for collecting S. mansoni eggs from mouse tissues. Recoverable S. japonicum eggs will be found in the liver and in the intestinal walls.



Spray apparatus (2-gallon  pump-type, typically found in hardware stores)

Stainless steel sieves of decreasing pore sizes (Newark Wire Cloth; mesh openings of 420 µm,

180 µm, 105 µm, and 45 µm) (Figure)

Dissecting instruments

Waring blender with variable speed control

Glass petri dishes (100 mm diameter) with flat bottoms

Falcon #2340 cell strainer, 40 µm nylon (Figure)

Pasteur pipettes

Light box


Materials and reagents

1.2% NaCl (2 liters)

S. japonicum-infected mice



See SOP  for collection of S. mansoni eggs from tissues


Follow-up comments/recommendations

S. japonicum eggs are smaller than those of S. mansoni. As a consequence, 1 ml of the settled egg pellet will contain approximately 1,000,000 eggs.



Tucker, M. S., Karunaratne, L. B., Lewis, F. A., Frietas, T. C., and Liang, Y-S. 2013. Schistosomiasis, in Current Protocols in Immunology 19.1.1-19.1.57, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., (R. Coico, Ed).  Published online November 2013 in Wiley Online Library ( doi: 10.1002/0471142735.im1901s103.



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