Turn-Key Biorepository Solutions

Secure, Cost-effective and Long-term Storage of Your Biospecimens

Whether you are conducting basic research, searching for a new drug, or developing the next diagnostic tool, you need a safe, secure home for your biological materials. With monitoring systems and back-up power in place at the Biomedical Research Institute, you can be assured that your biospecimens are protected.

Rapid retrieval of your biological samples and shipment to your laboratory or distribution to your networks around the world is critical to your work. Our attention to detail will save you time and ensure your success. The safety of your biospecimens is our highest priority, and our staff provides customizable service to fit your needs.


  • Multiple Storage Options
    We offer a wide range of biological storage conditions, including ambient, 4°C, -20°C, and ultra-low options of -80°C and liquid nitrogen temperature (-196°C). We store cells, tissues, nucleic acids and other cellular derivatives, and human biospecimens, including COVID-19 related research materials.
  • Flexible & Scalable Space
    We have available storage space in our freezers and LN2 tanks. We can also accommodate on-site storage of client-owned mechanical freezers and LN2 tanks.
  • Secure Facility
    Access to our facility is restricted to key personnel with 24/7 surveillance of the building.
  • Monitoring of Critical Parameters
    Our systems remotely monitor temperatures 24/7 in our building, mechanical freezers, and liquid nitrogen storage units . In addition, BRI staff manually monitors all temperatures.
  • Emergency Contingency
    In the event of an emergency, we rely on sufficient backup power and ample liquid nitrogen to keep operations running. Back-up freezers and liquid nitrogen storage units are available in the event of a freezer failure.
  • Expert Staff to Maintain Cold Chain Custody
    Our personnel are biologists and engineers trained in handling, storing, and shipping biological materials domestically and internationally. BRI staff is trained in GCLP and IATA requirements.
  • Inventory Management
    BRI uses a laboratory data management system to track and manage specimens.
  • Repair & Maintenance
    On-site full-time engineers perform maintenance services on all freezers and are on-call in the event of an emergency.
  • Access your Biospecimens Safely & Efficiently
    Rapid retrieval of your biological samples during business hours, or shipping to your lab or investigators around the world.
Biomedical Research Institute