by Alina



by Alina


Schistosoma spp. Life Cycle Training Course
November 6-8, 2024

Please contact Margaret Mentink-Kane for questions about the Course.
Phone: 301-329-0412

The Schistosomiasis Resource Center at the Biomedical Research Institute offers a training course on the maintenance of three Schistosoma spp. life cycles: S. haematobium, S. japonicum and S.mansoni. The course is designed to acquaint researchers working in the field of schistosomiasis with protocols for maintaining the complete parasite life cycle in their own laboratory. The course provides both lectures and wet-lab exercises, including snail cultivation and exposure to miracidia; shedding infected snails for cercariae collection; generation of schistosomula; protocols to infect rodents and methods for the collection of adult worms and eggs from rodent tissues. The 2 ½ -day course also provides a presentation describing NIH grants and research resources by Glen McGugan, PhD, from the Parasitology and International Programs Branch, NIAID.

The goals of the course include understanding how to maintain the Schistosoma life cycle in your own laboratory and hands-on experience with each life cycle stage of the parasite.

This is a great learning opportunity for students, post-doctoral fellows and Principal Investigators interested in schistosomes, snail vectors and rodent models of infection.

Interested in attending the Schistosoma spp. Life Cycle Training Course?


Margaret Mentink-Kane, PhD
Principal Investigator
Schistosomiasis Resource Center


Gabrielle Bate
Laboratory Operations Coordinator
Schistosomiasis Resource Center

The course fee is $300.00 (USD). Attendees are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and meals.  We are located at the Biomedical Research Institute, 9410 Key West Avenue, Rockville, Maryland 20850.

Phone 1-301-329-0412; Facsimile 1-301-881-7640.


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