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Bill and Melinda’s Annual Letter

Ten years ago, our trustee, Warren Buffett, donated the bulk of his fortune to the foundation’s efforts to reduce inequity. His dramatic commitment has allowed the Gates Foundation to expand our work into agricultural development, financial services for the poor, and other global development programs, as well as continue programs to improve global health and U.S. education.

This year, Bill and Melinda Gates’ annual letter is a response to a question from Warren on the status of his gift. It’s focused on progress and continued challenges in our work in global health – because that was the starting point for our philanthropy and it’s the majority of what the foundation does.

The letter is being released amid political changes in many countries. During this time, we hope this story is a reminder that lifting up the poorest benefits all nations.

In 2017, the Gates Foundation, along with our partners, will be particularly focused on efforts to protect the world against future epidemics, empower women and girls to transform their lives, and invest in the latest science and technology to benefit those in greatest need.

Read Bill and Melinda’s annual letter to learn more.